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Our Sanitizing, Disinfecting Practices & Safety Measures

Our Client safety is very important to us!

We follow all Alberta Health and Safety regulations to ensure you have the most pleasant and safe visit at our Spa.

  • One time use implements. ie: nail files, buffers, lip brushes, mascara wands etc... discarded after each use.
  • We absolutely never double dip our popsicle sticks in wax pots.
  • Our wax pots are always visible and covered when not in use
  • Metal implements are cleansed and submerged in a hospital grade sterilant and high level disinfectant then stored in a closed container until ready for the next use.
  • Nail Tables, UV Lamps, Massage/Esthetics Beds are wiped down and disinfected after each client.
  • New bedding, sheets and towels for each client.
  • Hand Sanitizer at front entrance and all throughout the Spa.
  • Anti-bacterial hand soap in every treatment room as well as restroom
  • Frequent wipe down of all high touch areas: door knobs, counter tops, debit machine etc...
  • Frequent cleaning of restroom

*Please see our updated Spa Protocols - under "Spa Etiquette"

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